Balwyn Mobile Dog Wash and Grooming

Your dog will love our professional dog washing service! Mobile dog grooming takes the stress out of having a sparkling clean pup. Contact us and have a grooming van arrive at your home address at a time that fits your schedule.

Mobile Dog Grooming Balwyn

Has your dog been rolling in something stinky or in desperate need of a haircut? We’re local Balwyn mobile dog groomers here to help you have a happy clean dog again. Mobile dog groomers Melbourne saves you the time of driving your dog to the groomer and picking them up again and also saves your dog the stress of waiting in a cage after their bath. We groom 7 days a week and accept all breeds and coat types of dogs. Book an appointment with us and a fully-equipped van will arrive at your house or location of your choice. Our professional groomers will make sure your dog is happy and comfortable while they receive their hydrobath, trim, flea treatment, or nail trimming. Your dog will thank you for the one-on-one attention and their shining clean coat.

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Our Services

At Local Dog Groomers, we know you can be tight on time, that’s why we come to you with our fully equiped trailer and trusted dog grooming professionals!

Give us a call as we can service all areas of Melbourne but we do focus on the following suburbs: Ashburton, Balwyn, Balwyn North, Box Hill, Bulleen, Burwood, Camberwell, Canterbury, Deepdene, Doncaster, Glen Iris, Hawthorn, Hawthorn East, Ivanhoe, Kew, Kew East, Mont Albert and Surrey Hills.

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Hydrobath Wash

Each dog will be bathed in fresh water, perfectly warmed to the right temperature. A mixture of specially formulated shampoo and water will be pumped with enough power to get through the toughest of coats and the longest of hair but still be gentle to a dog’s soft skin underneath.

Flea & Tick Treatment

Our environmentally friendly and dog-safe medicated shampoos for tick and fleas will help protect your dog from nasty bug bites!

Natural Shampoo

We use natural and organic shampoos with ingredients that won’t irritate sensitive skin and are healthier for your dog.

Blow Dry or Hand Towel Dry

We take extra care when drying your dog following their wash. We have a built-in dryer for speedy drying. If your dog is nervous about the blow-dryer we also offer hand towel drying to make sure your pup is completely dry while minimising stress.

Nail Trim

Are your dog’s nails getting too long? Save the stress and danger of trying to trim their nails yourself and follow up your dog wash with our nail clipping service. We are experienced and can make sure your dog has safely shortened nails without the risk of cutting them too short.

Ear Cleaning

Ear cleaning is included in our washing services. Keeping your dog’s ears clean reduces unwanted odours and protects your dog’s ears from ear infections. We take extra care with floppy ears to make sure that no water is trapped after washing.

Complete Grooming

Our grooming service will leave your dog looking fresher and cuter! A good groom can make your dog look younger, and for many breeds is important for your dog’s skin health.

Hair Trim

Long-haired dogs often need a trim to keep them looking their best. A common trim includes face, paws, and belly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The frequency that your dog needs to be groomed depends on the breed and coat type of your dog. Curly haired and long haired dogs need to have their fur trimmed or professionally groomed or they can develop painful matting and irritation of their skin. For shorter fur a good bath once a month will reduce unwanted smells and keep their fur healthy and fresh.

We provide a variety of grooming services to cater to different breeds and your current needs.

Our hydrobath service includes a professional dog wash setup inside our van with temperature controlled water and either natural shampoo options or flea/tick shampoo.

We clean the ears, around the eyes, trim the nails and finish with a gentle towel dry.

For a clip we start with a hydrobath, clean the eyes and ears and clip the face, feet, belly, and bottom. We finish with a nail clipping and a towel dry.

Our full groom includes hydrobath services and a full body clip. We wrap it all up with the classic nail clipping and a towel dry.

Please allow between 1-2 hours for a wash and groom.

As soon as a puppy has had their second round of vaccinations it is safe to have them groomed. Puppy fur doesn’t have as many trimming or grooming requirements as an adult dog but exposing puppies to brushing and grooming during their socialisation period can set them up for success later in life.

We provide puppy introduction grooming where we introduce them to the various tools of the grooming experience and give them a gentle wash. This includes gently running the clippers
over them without the blades and handling their feet and ears to introduce them to the
sensations. Practising these things at home will also help build a confident dog.