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Our mobile dog grooming is a service that many pet owners find to be without equal. Not only does it keep them from trying to bathe their dogs on their own it keeps them from the stress of trying to get Fido into the car to go to the dog groomer. But the service is more than just a dog washing service. In fact, we can even perform dog haircuts, nail trimming and more. It’s like a day at the spa without having to even leave your driveway.

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How Does Local Dog Groomers Work?

Once you are done struggling with bathtubs that aren’t quite the right size and were not designed for doggy baths and have had enough trying to deal with your dog’s stressed out behaviour at the doggy groomer, you simply call and have mobile pet grooming come to you. After you book an appointment the mobile dog grooming van will arrive and your dog will receive a professional dog wash and also get pampered and spoiled with treatments that include a hydrobath, dog haircuts, nail trimming, flea prevention if needed or requested and of course, affection and rewards.

We service (but not limited to!) the following suburbs:

  • Ashburton
  • Balwyn
  • Blackburn
  • Box Hill
  • Burwood
  • Canterbury
  • Camberwell
  • Doncaster
  • Forest Hill
  • Glen Iris
  • Hawthorn
  • Ivanhoe
  • Kew
  • Mitcham
  • Surrey Hills
  • Templestowe
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What is a Hydrobath?

Think whirlpool sauna for doggies!

Each dog will be bathed in fresh water, perfectly warmed to the right temperature. A mixture of specially formulated shampoo and water will be pumped with enough power to get through the toughest of coats and the longest of hair but still be gentle to a dog’s soft skin underneath. 

After a thorough rinse and drying, your very good boy (or girl) will be treated to a careful brush, a trim and then given a treat. 

No, you cannot request this service for yourself!

Inside a dog grooming van

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Why is mobile dog washing better than going to the dog groomer?

Less stress!
Some dogs are terrified of car rides (although they sure would love to go with you otherwise). Other dogs might be okay with the ride there and back but dislike being washed away from home. And maybe they do not like to be around other dogs, especially little yappy dogs or great big pony dogs!

Whatever the reason, there is no sense in putting yourself and your dog through all of that if there is a better solution.

Local Dog Groomers is here to help!

Not only do you eliminate the travel and the stress of dealing with other dogs, you also remove some of the other struggles you might have with getting to the groomer.

Save time!
Ever notice that your only free time happens to line up perfectly with the free time of every single other soul in a 100 city radius and that all of those souls are fighting for the exact same time slot in the same salon that you take your dogs to? 

Professional dog grooming is a pretty popular service which means there are going to be times when appointments are really hard to come by. Mobile dog washing services give you the advantage of more flexible hours including early mornings, later evening and even weekends when the dog spa is not even open.

Save $$$ money!
Another huge advantage is that mobile dog grooming is more affordable. Because it is cheaper to operate a mobile dog washing service, the savings can be passed on to you, the customer! Of course, you are not sacrificing quality in any way and your dog still gets all of the amazing benefits of a clean and healthy coat. It’s a winning situation for everyone.

We groom and bathe dogs of all shapes and sizes!

Whether your dog is small enough to be washed in a tea cup or so big that it won’t even fit in the car, we can handle your dog (with love and care). 

The problem with small dogs is that they can sometimes be hyper and kind of hard to hold on to especially once they are soaped up. You may end up getting soap in their eyes, miss a whole section or worse, lose grip on them and watch as they tear through the house leaving soapy puddles behind. Eventually you find them sitting in the middle of a mud puddle they have conveniently found and they won’t come anywhere near you.

Large dogs might be easier to hold on to, but struggling to lift them in to the bathtub may be a workout that you aren’t even ready for.

If you have a smaller bathroom you might not even have room to try to manoeuvre him around. By the time you manage to get him in the tub you might realise that you don’t have enough water to even work with or worse, the water has been standing for so long it is not cold and the dog is planning his major escape. He tears past you, knocks you in to the tub and then you have to go dripping off in search of him. (Maybe he is in the puddle with that little dog?)

It is such a relief not to have to do any of this. It is even more of a relief to know that your dog will not be stressed out, your car will not smell like wet dog and you won’t have to spend your free time trying to get an appointment. It is the best of both worlds in your own driveway!

Small dog getting shampooed

How do you choose a mobile dog washing service?

1. Check their online reviews

Previous customers are often able to give you a wealth of information about a mobile dog grooming service, and you should take this information very seriously. Here are some things that you should consider when you’re reading the reviews:

  • Make sure that previous customers are completely satisfied with the quality of the grooming and that they have been pleased with the appearance of the canine haircut!
  • Always make sure that the professional dog grooming company showed up to the customer’s homes on time and were prepared for the job. We can ensure that we will always arrive on time!

Our mobile dog grooming services have been reviewed extremely well by our loyal customers, and you’ll be satisfied with the quality of the services that we offer.

2. Choose an experienced mobile dog washing and grooming service

Not only should you choose a mobile dog grooming service that has been in business for years, but you should also look for the following things:

  • Make sure that the people who work for the company have plenty of experience grooming dogs, our professional stylists have worked with many different types of dogs!
  • Look for positive feedback about individual professional dog grooming workers. Customers have been very happy with all of our workers.
  • Our mobile dog washing professionals have lots of experience, and this helps to ensure that your dog’s haircut comes out great!

3. Always choose cheap dog grooming (but quality) to groom your pet at home

The price of mobile dog grooming services varies considerably from one service to another, but it’s important to consider these things when you’re determining whether or not a mobile dog grooming service is reasonably priced:

  • Make sure that you’re comparing mobile dog grooming services that offer similar services.
  • Compare mobile pet grooming services that have a similar level of experience and quality of reviews.

You can rest assured that our mobile dog washing services are always affordably priced, and we offer cheap dog grooming throughout the region.

4. Choose a well-known service

If you choose a mobile pet grooming service that isn’t that popular, you might not be able to tell whether or not they are reputable. Here are some other reasons why you should always choose a popular mobile dog washing service:

  • If a service is popular, professionals who work for the company will have had more hands-on experience.
  • Professionals who work for a popular service are likely to have had experience with more types of dogs, and this will ensure that they provide the right services for your pet. Even if you have an uncommon breed, we will still be able to do breed-specific styling, and our groomers have access to breed-specific grooming tools.

Our mobile dog washing services are extremely widely known and popular. Given the many advantages of choosing our grooming services, you should give us a call today! Not only can you schedule an appointment, but we also offer free quotes.

5. If you have multiple dogs, it’s important that your groomer is able to work with more than one pet at a time

We are highly experienced with grooming more than one dog at a time, and this can help to ensure that the grooming is finished as quickly as possible. Many of our customers with more than one dog have given our services excellent reviews, and here’s why:

  • Our groomers are well-trained on how to keep dogs calm, and this is especially important when they are working with more than one pet.
  • In addition, you may be able to get a cheaper rate for having both of your dogs groomed simultaneously.

If you’re a dog owner, you’re familiar with the difficulties associated with taking your pet to the groomer, but you don’t have to! The groomer can come to you, and here are some reasons why this is a better choice for you and your canine:

Mobile Grooming Is Incredibly Convenient, Even If You Have A Busy Schedule

The process of driving your pet to a dog groomer and waiting for the grooming to be done can take a significant amount of time, but it won’t take any time out of your day if the groomer comes to you. In addition, mobile dog grooming can take place in either the morning, afternoon, or evening, and these are some other reasons why mobile grooming is exceptionally convenient:

  • Your dog is more likely to be compatible with a mobile groomer, and this will make it easier to focus on other things while your pet is being taken care of.
  • Your dog will be much less likely to resist being groomed, and this often means that the process won’t take as long.

It’s Less Stressful For You And Your Dog

Dogs often become stressed if they’re away from their home environment, but you can avoid this source of stress by having him or her groomed at home. You’re likely to be less stressed because your pet will be in a calmer state of mind. Here are some other reasons why at home grooming is less stressful:

  • Car rides are stressful for many dogs, and having him or her groomed at home can avoid this problem entirely.
  • Dogs find grooming less stressful if the family is around when they’re being groomed, and this means that it’s a good idea to be there while the grooming is taking place.
  • The fact that there aren’t any other animals being groomed is also likely to reduce your dog’s stress level, and it will prevent your dog from causing stress to other pets. Some dogs bark incessantly when they are around other pets when they’re being groomed.
  • If you take your dog to a grooming salon, they won’t be familiar with all of the people who work there. However, your dog will get to know the groomer that you have to your house, and this is likely to greatly reduce his or her stress level.

Mobile dog groomers you can trust!

The process of becoming a mobile groomer is often more complex than working in a salon, and this means we are more dedicated to the job. All of our mobile groomers are highly dedicated to their jobs and love working with dogs, and we’ll always ensure that your dog receives the best possible service.