Local Mobile Dog Wash and Grooming Services

Your dog will love our professional dog washing service! Mobile dog grooming takes the stress out of having a sparkling clean pup. Contact us and have a grooming van arrive at your home address at a time that fits your schedule.

How We Help

Local Dog Groomers takes all of the pain and frustration out of getting your dog groomed, for both you and your precious pup! Our mobile grooming salon will drive to your preferred location for full-service grooming including hydrobaths, brushing, detangling, nail trims, and haircuts.

Mobile grooming saves you driving time and means we can offer cage-free services at your home where your dog is most comfortable. If your dog could talk he would tell all of his friends about us!

Services We Offer

  • Warm water hydrobath and blow dry
  • Flea or natural shampoo
  • Eyes (tear stain) removal and ear cleanings
  • Tidy up (face clipping, feet, belly, and bottom)
  • Nail trimmings
  • Full grooming (full body clip and the above services)

We groom all dog breeds and sizes 7 days a week from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm to fit your busy schedule.

fluffy clean dog

Beyond Bathing

We go above and beyond baths! Ask about our additional services including pet sitting and dog walking, which is perfect for days where you’re extra busy and know you won’t be able to get home to give your beloved pet all the exercise they need. Our additional services are also a great option if you’re recovering from an illness or an injury.

How It Works

Why Choose Mobile Dog Grooming and Washing?

We want you to feel like you’ve made the right decision for your dog. We offer all of the same services as a brick and mortar grooming location with the convenience of showing up at your front door. Our baths are able to handle dogs with thick coats and sensitive skin, and our hydrobath is always cleaned thoroughly between appointments.

One of the biggest benefits of a mobile dog wash is that we arrive and are ready to give your dog one-on-one attention. Being the star of the show helps nervous dogs by removing the stress of other dogs barking in kennels nearby while being washed, and also saves them the anxiety of waiting in a cage for your to pick them up. Mobile dog grooming is the best option for dogs who hate going to the groomer.

Our grooming professionals will follow your requests for your dog’s trim. If needed we will trim the hair around your dog’s toes and in his ears, and we thoroughly brush your dog after the trim to make sure no stray hairs will find their way back into your home. We finish with a doggy cologne and plenty of rewards so your dog is happy and fresh when they walk back inside.

Anything you would request at a regular dog groomer we can do too! Our vans are completely outfitted for the full pup spa treatment.

How to Book Mobile Dog Grooming.

We have extended availability and flexibility. Booking an appointment with us is super simple and only takes a few minutes. Whether you give us a call or submit the request form you can get the appointment time that works for your busy schedule.

All of our dog grooming professionals who handle your dog are trained and experienced, with a great love for their work and dogs.

wet dog

The Benefits of Grooming.

Grooming can be as essential to your dog’s health as going to the vet regularly. Here are some of the benefits of mobile dog grooming:

  • Help prevent fleas and ticks: A thorough grooming with flea and tick shampoo will help keep you and your pet healthy by preventing these common pests from coming into your home. Good grooming can also help spot any current infestations of fleas or ticks on your pets fur that you might not have noticed yourself.
  • Help them Cool Off: Australian summers are scorching (as you well know!). Some breeds require fur trimming to remain comfortable, and all breeds that shed need thorough grooming before summer to remove the excess winter fur.
  • Improves Circulation: Regular grooming and brushing can improve circulation and improve your dog’s skin health. Keeping your dog’s skin healthy will prevent infections like thrush and hot spots.
  • Catch Health Issues Faster: Our groomers always examine your pet carefully and can catch lumps, scrapes or other abnormalities quicker.
  • Better Nail Health: Trimming your dog’s nails regularly prevents the quick from growing too long which can cause bleeding and other issues. Shortly trimmed nails are also less likely to scratch your floors or your skin when your dog is out and about.
  • Clean Ears and Eyes: We can remove tear stains and make sure your dog has stink-free ears.
Inside a dog grooming van

We Care About the Environment

We use environmentally friendly washing products and techniques with every service.

Our special circulation pump uses far less water than you would while bathing your dog in your home bath or with a hose. We only use the highest quality of pet-safe products.